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Sweepers Webpages

This is a list of the homepages of many of the sweepers that we know! Support your fellow sweeper and check out their sites, if you get a minute click on all their sponsors, vote for them, sign their guestbooks, enter their contests etc...
If you'd like to add your site to this page just Email Me and I'll put it up as soon as I can!

Mike and Mary's SweepsTalk Homepage - The homepage of the SweepsTalk mailing list. They have a survey for sweepers to take. Check it out!

The Free Lunch - Kari-Jo Hess's site. Features freebies, contests and downloads. There is a monthly Free Lunch contest as well.

Michelle's Best Free Games & Sweepstakes - Michelle's(strbrte)site offers many sweepstake and contest links.

Money, Money, Money...and T-Shirts! - Shanna's site, she runs her own monthly contest.

Altaira's Monthly Winners list - Also Shanna's, she compiles a list of all the monthly winners of the contests listed on her site.

New Life Readings - Jade's page! She runs a contest, very interesting site!

Hope Ryckman's site - Hope has a booklet that you can order that teaches how to enter and win!

Cascoly - Steve Estvanik's site has a internet sweeps wizard program, a contest and a place to add your contest link.

Elaine's MONSTER Download & Resource Page - Some great graphix here!

Babs Hawaiian Hale - Learn about Hawaiian "Culture & Legend", enjoy the beautiful blossoms on the "Lei Tradition" page.

PRIZE TRADE SITE!!! David has put together this site to trade prizes with other sweepers!

SweepsSmart - Becke and Kelly have put together this monthly sweepstakes online magazine. It's a must!

Retro Fun - Trish Rucker put together this fun site all about Retro stuff! Lots of great links!

Bradford, Pennsylvania - Tami Barrett made this beauty! It's a page about her community. They also run a monthly sweepstakes!

Laines free web site - Susan (a.k.a laine) has this great contest site. She lists beanie, furbie contests and more! And guess what? She GIVES AWAY a beanie to a lucky winner every month!

JudyJudyJudy - This is a site of contest links from Judy!

The Frugal Shopper - Buy more, Spend Less! Hints on saving money from Sandy.

Red Hot Sites - Red Hot Sweeps Sites contest/sweepstakes listing site. They currently have over 1300 contests listed and have about 7 of their own contests running. Run by CDitty.

The Hutson's - Carri has put together this very special website about her family with links to some great sites as well!

Debbies Contest & Sweepstakes page - The one stop place for sweepstakers to enter all their contests. Deb's also got a picture of herself here!

Big Sweeps - Nancy Parker's site only lists the biggest and best sweepstakes, you'll find no t-shirts here!

Leigh's Gift Shop - The perfect gift for every occation.

Cozy's - The Winner's List for International Contests.

Planet Simmons - Annie's KISS Webpage!

Sweep! - Sweep! The Sweepers Best Friend. Free sweepstaking software will help you manage and enter a large quantity of internet based sweepstakes. It will automatically notify you when it's time to re-enter! Easily organize your sweepstake URLs, descriptions, rules, prizes won, and how frequently you can enter them. Has built-in TypeItIn function to automatically fill out forms. Enter our drawing.

TypeItIn! - TypeItIn tired of typing the same thing over and over? Let TypeItIn do it for you! Great for entering sweepstakes, contests, and request forms faster. Simple to install, easy to configure, great to use! Lives in taskbar tray for quick access. It's also great for keeping track of passwords and logins. Available in a freeware and professional shareware versions. Enter to win a free pro version!

Bridget Becker's Rock Art Page - This page is extremely cool! I never knew all the stuff you could do with rocks! Rock on Bridget!

Critters - Ingrid's Family site, some great pictures here!

MiningCo. - Sweepstakes and contest lists.

Alice's Homepage - This is a sweet little site!

Alice's Win Page - List of her wins! And a long list it is too!

Alice's Contest page - Under construction but with great potential!

Gina C's Homepage - Gina C.'s Family page.

Sweepit's Homepage - Sweepstakes Secret Pal Club, Contest links and also has a contest!

Susan's Titanic Home Page - This page has everything you might want to know about the sinking ship.

CANADIAN FREEBIE ADDICT - Lisa van den Boomen's page.

DUTCHIES ABROAD WEBSITE - Again this is Lisa van den Boomen's.